Management Team

While our success is directly tied to the contributions of every single person at the company, we wouldn’t be successful without the guidance, inspiration and example set by our leadership team :

Manish Munot

CEO and EMM Solution Architect

Manish founded Pivotal Dimension, with a focus on delivering high quality innovative consulting solutions focused on EMM market. With fast adoption and growing complexities of new technologies and channels, and the big opportunity it presents, he was convinced that the market really needed a specialized technology consulting company with deep knowledge of leading EMM products, related technologies and marketing to make customers successful in adoption of EMM products and in developing solutions which would enable customers execute on their marketing strategy. That was founding principle of Pivotal Dimension.

Prior to Pivotal Dimension, he served as both Vice President of Engineering and as Vice President of India Operations at Unica Corporation, where he was instrumental in growing and managing their worldwide engineering team focused on enterprise products, and in driving new product development initiatives. Prior to this, Manish Munot held Director and manager-level technology development positions at Unica Corporation and at Ontos, Inc. respectively.

Manish is now pursuing his life’s passion — helping business users use technology effectively and helping them and businesses to be more productive and effective. Born and raised in a family, which is involved in Auto and Auto Component manufacturing, Manish always had an eye for engineering and technology. Manish earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Telecommunication from Pune University and earned an M.S. in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Shiao-Bin Soong

Chief Advisor, Technology

Shiao-Bin oversees product and technology strategy for Pivotal Dimension. Prior to Pivotal Dimension, he served as Senior Principal Scientist at Neosaej, where he developed the company’s technology strategy and led the core product design and development. He previously has held senior technology roles at Unica and was responsible for the company’s new products development effort like Campaign and Marketing Operations.

Shiao-Bin earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.